YOUTH - Yasmin & Joshua

  • dancers

    Yasmin Würjes, Joshua Block

  • choreography

    Yasmin Würjes, Joshua Block

  • director/editor/producer

    Hai Dang Duong

  • music

    'Youth' by Daughter

  • location

    Loxstedt, Germany

  • date

    April 2013

YOUTH - Yasmin & Joshua

It was a very spontaneous idea to record this dance video. We created this choreography in less than 5 hours and we had to bring together two very different dance styles (because of our backgrounds). Bear this, and the following message, in mind while enjoying it.
“Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong … the lovers that went wrong.” This dance piece revolves around yearning on the one hand and heartache on the other hand. Sometimes you just have to let someone go … even if it hurts.

#cinematography equipment
Glidecam HD-4000, slider, Canon 60D & 600D with 17-50mm & 50mm, several tripods, some bright lights

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